P H O T O   R E S T O R E


We all have old family pictures that become torn and tattered, the color has faded or parts of the photograph ripped away.


Choose to have those memories restored for future generations by using our excellent photo restoration services. You will be amazed!


Please view the examples of restoration in the following slide show below.  Then refer to the price list below the slide show.



Some photographs require more work than others to restore them to their original glory. Please refer to the outline below so that you can estimate the costs.



Minor Restoration - $50.00 - EX. #1 and #2

Submitted photograph has wrinkles and tears, marks and some water damage.



Basic Restoration - $75.00 - EX. #3

Submitted photograph has wrinkles, tears, marks, water damage and requires minor additional artistic rendering to replace missing features of the photograph.


Adding / Removing Subject - $50.00 - $75.00 - EX. #4 / #5

Submitted photo requests subject matter to be added or removed.

This can be tricky or relatively easy depending on the task. If the subject being removed and the background isn't too busy or the added subject photograph is relative to the image being inserted to then the cost would be $50.


More intensive subtraction/addition requires more artistic rendering and color matching would increase the cost to $75.00. ex: Restoration #4 would be considered a $50 fee.



Intensive Restoration - $125.00 - EX. #6

Submitted photograph has wrinkles, tears, marks, water damage and missing components of the image that require intensive artistic rendering to replace missing features of photograph.





Please send a digital copy of your photograph to


Within your email please include your Name, Address, Telephone Number and Comments/Instructions. I will promptly reply with a cost, time frame of work and payment link to PayPal. Once payment has been received, I will send you a receipt either by email or postal mail.


If you are unable to provide a digital copy of the photograph, please CONTACT me so that we can discuss how I can scan and create a digital image for you.