We offer the following photography services - Single/Couple, Group, Wedding and Property.  After the shoot, all images will be expertly processed to remove flaws and to enhance the beauty of the image.  You will receive a color and black and white copy of the photographs loaded onto a CD/DVD or uploaded to the cloud.  Once you have your images you are free to take them to your favorite print service or we can offer you a wide variety of print formats as well.  Printing services will come with additional costs that would be discussed prior to the print order.  Photo shoot descriptions and prices are outlined below.


SINGLE/COUPLE SHOOT - $50.00 - You will receive a one hour photo shoot at any one location of your choice and receive all successful photographs.  No more than 2 people can participate.

Perfect for Student Class/Yearbook, Newborns, Serves well as a Save The Date or Engagement Photograph, Single Little League, Social Media Selfies, Single Portrait, etc.


GROUP SHOOT - $150.00 - You will receive a two hour photo shoot at any two locations of your choice and receive all successful photographs.

This package is perfect for a Family Portraits, Musicians & Bands, Sports Teams, Groups of Friends, Parties, Business Events, etc.


WEDDING SHOOT - $500.00 - $700.00 - Our wedding package is an all day photo shoot.  You will receive all photographs which typically total from 200-400 images.  Rene Bechard Photography can only accommodate small weddings less than 100 people.


PROPERTY SHOOT - $50.00 - Typical shoot time is one half hour and you will receive all images taken.


Please visit our GALLERY to view examples of my work.  CONTACT me with any questions you have.